Thai massage variations

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Traditional thai massage

Massage is based on pressure points and stretching all parts of Your body. Some of the many different positions are a real challenge to perform. Our masseurs are capable to estimate your limits and adjust the level of pressure on Your body, anyway if you feel pain, you should tell the masseuse to soften little bit. Once you have tried thai traditional massage a few times, You will love it. For dress, we recomend T-shirt, pants under knees will be provided. Please be kind to inform us about your health status before this massage, particulary if you have passed a surgery.

traditional massage

Thai oil massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage with the use of natural oils. Oil massage is effective in relieving tension, removing strain, all that with the benefit that the skin will be smooth and silky. Massage is performed in underwear, parts of body are covered by towel.

oil massage

Thai foot massage

Foot massage is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the feet which causes healing reaction in another part of the body. Foot massage uses hands, fingers and a wooden sticks. We recomend thai foot massage especialy after long walk.

foot massage

Massage of back and shoulders

Thai oil massage where is skipped legs part, and the saved time is used for relieving Your back, shoulders, neck and head. It is possible to perform this massage in traditional style without of using oil. If You decide to do so, then inform us and masseuse in advance please.

shoulder massage

Thai Royal massage

Combination of several thai massages and styles, extended by using steamed packs filled with herbs.Minimal time for Royal thai massage is 90 minutes.

royal massage

Thai Royal herbal massage

Same as previous Thai Royal massage without use of the oil.

royal massage herbal

Body scrub combined with Thai oil massage. Together with Royal massage the best You can decide for. Minimal time for Baitei massage is 90 minutes.

scrub massage

Massage for couples

Bring Your partner and enjoy thai oil or thai traditional massage together. Spend a memorable moment with your friend or partner in our relaxing massage salon.

Face massage

Take care about your face, repeat it and you have a good chance to look younger. The procedure includes a several steps as cleaning, peeling, massage, mask and protein cream.

Thai massage for pregnant

Massages are performed in different positions according to the month of pregnancy. Massage relieves tension and removes the strain.

pregnant massage

Thai massage for kids

Let try Your children Thai massage for special price, they will calm down and for sure have unforgetable experience.

kids massage